August 26, 2015

The Pitstop - Cebu's Home Of Mango Pizza

I grew up as a 90's kid and I can still recall back then what my favorite pizza was. It was Greenwich's mango pizza. Unfortunately, it was only transient  as they scratched it off from their menu.

During my college and post-graduate days, every time I come across with Greenwich, only mango pizza comes in to my mind as I reminisce the time I was still a young child very excited lining up the counter with my aunt just to taste their pizza.

Then I heard about this new pizza shop in town serving Mango pizza. I was very excited to try it. The name of the pizza place is "The Pitstop".

It is located along Bo's coffee shop at Don Jose Avila Street, Capitol site.

Me and Emgee went their today, arrived in a "post-dinner" state. It was already 8 in the evening. No reservations are needed as only a bunch of people were eating that time. You can just park you car outside the place. They are open from 6 am daily and closes 10 pm on weekdays and 1 am on weekends. There is an acoustic night session every weekend too. A good time and place to unwind while having a cold beer. Ahhh.

As we got inside, we were greeted by the waitress as she accommodates us to our seats. The place's ambiance was more like of a "F1 Pitstop, Car Mechanics shop" feel. I bet the owner has a taste for cars. The ceiling lights were encircled by bicycle tires. A couple of mini-toy cars were hanged on the wall including chopped parts from a motorcycle and a car.

There's also a glass table with race track toy in the middle lighted with white led. There's a small porch outside maybe intended for smokers or anyone who just wants fresh air. A handful of previous customers' messages were imprinted on a side of a wall including an animated wall graffiti which happens to look like our old philippine presidents' FVR and Erap. LOL

Picture Of The Menu

What We Ordered

We asked what their specialty was. The waitstaff recommended we taste their Mango Pizza. Since we were full from dinner, we only ordered one 9" mango pizza which is already good for 2 persons and costs 240 pesos.

It took about 15 minutes for our pizza to arrive hot, with cheese melting and mango aroma. It smelled so good that I felt so nostalgic as memories of my childhood flashed before me.

A mid-thick crust with alternating cheese and big chunks of mango. The peanuts on top complemented the pizza as it balanced the softness of the cheese-mango combination as well as the bell pepper giving a bit spice of taste.

As for the drink, she commended the Pitsop Guimaras Blend, which costs 80 pesos for the short size.. It tasted so good that it's hard to tell what your tasting each time you sip on it - a combination of cucumber, lemons, and orange. Great combination of fruits. It was a good pair as it washes away the sweetness/saltiness of the pizza from our tongue.

Our total bill only amounted to 320 pesos and the fact that we were so full of delicious heaven makes it awesome.

Personal Thoughts - 8 out of 10

If you haven't tried eating Mango Pizza before then this pizza place is a must-try as this is the only place I know that serves Mango pizza in Cebu. Whether on a date or with a group, this can be a good chill-and-hide out place.

On our future next trip here, we'll probably go semi-super-hungry and order the Chicken Mango Adobo Twist as it was also one of their recommendation.

For more info. about them, check their facebook page: The Pitstop

Have you been here before? How did you find the place? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

More Pictures Of The Place

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